Discover artists, creators and small businesses

Send your extras and leftovers, receive a bundle:

a huge snail mail trade/art swap.


Some things you can send (and receive!)

- business cards

- discount codes/coupons

- art or photography prints

- collages

- stickers, pins, patches, bookmarks

- mini zines

- & more!

*The more you send, the more you will receive back from other creators. You'll only be giving your address to me - I will then redistribute all the goodies and cover shipping.

*You can donate (which will go to shipping & packaging fees) to via Paypal or e-Transfer.

*Only open to US & Canada due to shipping fees.

Contact me here or through Instagram DM

if you wish to participate.

I will be redistributing all the goodies sometime in March 2022. Please make sure to contact me* & send your mail before February!

* Send the following info to

- your name & shipping address

- a way of contacting you (Instagram username/email)